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Is there a word for it?

People who you think are perfectly OK until you become friends with them on Facebook, and then rapidly and efficiently convince you that you gravely overestimated their OK-ness. 

E.g., the person who doesn’t seem especially insecure in person, but comes across as relentlessly self-aggrandizing in too many status updates.  I’m thinking of a serious name-dropper here.

Or the one who appears to have serviceable social skills in real life, but who insults, disparages, or offends other people regularly in the electronic world.

Even those who commit sins of omission–posting frequently about their fabulous doings, but never responding to your friendly responses or queries in the comments to their updates (let alone your own fabulous doings), so that you feel like you’re being ignored.

FLS made my day by introducing me to the coinage douchenfreude, the joy of watching someone else act like a douche.  And I love it!  But surely there should be a word for the souring of your feelings toward someone due to exposure via social media?