The color of money

It’s so easy, so cheap for me to be amused by articles like this one (“For Firstborns, Secondhand Fits the Bill”) in the New York Times about how the moneyed, or previously moneyed, folks are discovering the practical joys of buying secondhand. 

It doesn’t say how much the first couple in the story paid for their Craigslist Bugaboo stroller, by the way–a “fraction” of its $900 retail price–but on my local Craigslist, the cheapest Bugaboo is listed at $250–still a ridiculous amount to pay for a stroller, in my world.

But the thing that really cracked me up about this one was that one of the mothers quoted in the story is a Dr. Jennifer Cavalleri, “who recently received a doctorate in environmental health from Harvard.”  Looks like her name is actually Jennifer Cavallari–she is an actual epidemiologist–but surely you all know the literary character Jennifer Cavalleri and can imagine what she would have said about the sort of rich preppies who would spend $250 on a stroller.

Actually, baby goods are among the best items to buy secondhand because a lot of the big-ticket items are highly durable and quickly outgrown.  If you want a stroller, a baby swing, an Exersaucer, a crib, a changing table, or a Pack-n-Play, for goodness’ sake spend a Saturday morning going to yard sales.  You’ll spend very little and you’ll probably be able to resell the items for the same amount a year from now.


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