The shapes a bright container can contain

Well, when I opened up this post, I was going to write about my plans to take the Snork Maiden to Starfleet Academy this morning to finish packing up my classroom, followed by picking up the SM’s friend Dee and going to see Up, with popcorn for lunch.  But neighbor C.Dad just called to see if we could take Young’un C. for a couple of hours while C.Dad goes to a doctor’s appointment, and there’s really nothing saying I can’t go to Starfleet Academy after the movie, or tomorrow, so…okay.  Goodness knows there are plenty of items on my to-do list that can be done around the house.

But–writing.  Should I, after all, have put the Snork Maiden in a few weeks of day camp?  When she was smaller, I took it for granted that someone else had to be in charge of her in order for me to get any work done.  Now she’s old enough to amuse herself, and I do a lot of schoolwork when she’s around, but to work on this book I need space and quiet.  I need not to be interruptible, but she’s not really old enough not to interrupt me at all, or for me not to have an ear out for signs of trouble.

If I can be disciplined and flexible, though, it can work.  She’ll be going off to spend time with friends, both in and out of the neighborhood, and there are times when she is happily occupied on her own or with a pal and I can disappear for a short chunk of time (with which I’m frequently very productive). 

I can also call in the relatives: Stubb’s parents are busy active folks, but they’re usually happy to take her if I need them to, and that might be a good plan for when I need a long stretch of time. 

I think the thing to do with my unexpected time-at-home this morning, now that I’ve fired off some administrative emails and plopped responsibility into others’ laps, is to clear off my desk and get my writing space prepped.  When I’m alone, I write at the computer in the middle of the big living space (library-dining area-living room), but it probably makes sense to get the smaller, more private space ready and conducive to bursts of work when I get the time.


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