The octopus

So many things to do and so many things to write about!  I foresee more blogging now that the school year is over and the summer weeks lie ahead.  With great freedom comes great responsibility, and all that.  I’ve made another summer chart to try to stay on track and keep aware of how I’m using my time.  It’s a bummer in a way that my major project this summer is the same as last summer’s: finish the book ms.!  But I am actually closer than I was, thanks to last summer’s progress and the small, incremental advances I was able to make during the school year.  More on time, and how to spend it, in forthcoming posts.

Also in forthcoming posts, I suspect, are reflections on this school year and plans for next.  Briefly, though: This was a really good year in the classroom, probably my most satisfying teaching year ever.  That feeling may be partly a function of 1) the shape and length of the year, the fact that I did in fact have all but 8 of my students (the spring elective) from September through May, got to know them, recognized that they actually made progress.  Some of them bloomed.  There was an intensity and engagement that must partly be a function of time–but I think also is a function of 2) their developmental stage and 3) my growth and change as a teacher as I worked to engage them and grew accustomed to seeing them much more frequently.  I didn’t realize that I would be so happy in this very intense environment, but I was.  I’m ready for time to recharge my teaching batteries, but I’m also very much looking forward to getting back into the classroom in September.


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  1. I’m SO glad that you liked your first full year as a high school teacher! My last two years have also been my most satisfying teaching years ever, for the same reasons you mention. There’s something to be said for seeing one’s students actually grow and make progress, rather than simply having to trust that it must be happening over the course of their educations. I still occasionally feel like an oddball among my colleagues, although this is probably more in my head than in theirs, but the relationships with students and the classroom experiences have been extraordinarily positive.

    And now welcome to your summer! I’ll look forward to your posts reflecting on the school year and on your summer freedom.


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