A sound of thunder

My next-door neighbor to the south (Neighbor #4 in this post) is, as I mentioned, in law enforcement.  She drives an unmarked van–or, more accurately, a series of unmarked vans.  Just now, as the Snork Maiden was watching The Sound of Music and I was futzing around on the computer, we heard a series of siren whoops and blasts that sounded like they were coming from right outside the house, like the cops had pulled somebody over in the neighbor’s driveway.  So I glanced out the window, then stepped out the side door to confirm that it was just my neighbor figuring out the controls on her latest unmarked van.

As for the other neighbors in that post, C.Mom is still employed, Neighbor #2 is taking exams at the end of her first year of nursing school and looking forward to a summer off with her two boys, and I haven’t seen Neighbor #3 for a while.  And the days are longer now.  My grandmother has had a cold, which can be difficult, even dangerous,  for her because the Parkinson’s has robbed her of the ability to cough properly.  But she seems to be doing better now.


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