Somewhere towards the end

It’s so odd contemplating the end of the school year.  It’s been going on for so long–how is it possible that it won’t go on forever?  On quarters or semesters, I’ve often felt a mild letdown when the term ended, even if I was basically glad to see the back of that particular class: I’d watch them all go and know that my chance with them was over, no matter whether it was a success, a failure, or something in between.  Now it just feels downright peculiar that such a relentless, continuing pattern is going to just…stop.

In the face of it, I’ve developed a mad desire to know for sure what classes I’m teaching next year, but this desire will not be fulfilled for a few weeks, probably, which is unusually late.  Part of the problem is of my own making–I’ve requested to teach either one or two fewer classes next year (“one class” in this case would be one semester, “two classes” a year-long class), taking a corresponding cut in pay.  This will, I hope, let me teach both semesters at NLNRU next year without getting worn out and never seeing my family.  The Starfleet Academy people have been willing to accommodate me in this, but the request, I think, makes me the puzzle piece most easily put in last. 

So far it seems pretty certain that I will continue in ninth grade, which I really like,  and that the most likely scenario is that I won’t teach a section of the AP juniors next year–the new teacher coming in seems like a good fit for that.  This is a little bit of a disappointment, since I’ve worked hard on that course this year and now feel I know what I’m doing.  Also, last year’s ninth graders are next year’s juniors, if you see what I mean, and I think I would enjoy having some of them again.  However, if I don’t teach AP, I will almost certainly teach either a junior or senior elective, which means I might have some former students again anyway. 

And if I don’t teach AP, I might have three year-long classes plus one or two electives, which would be a slightly lighter schedule as there’s more grading of essays in AP than in the electives, generally speaking.  If I teach AP, I probably have four year-long classes.  (A standard English schedule is four year-long classes and one single-semester elective.)

Meanwhile, for stuff to think about, obsess over, and plan, summer gives me a lot of material.


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  1. We have two weeks of classes left (and then exam week), and I too am finding it so strange to contemplate not having these same students with me anymore, after all this time together. And I too won’t know for awhile which classes I’ll have next year, although I’m hoping that I essentially get a repeat of this year. But last year I thought I’d have a repeat as well, and then everything got turned topsy-turvey in June, so best not to make assumptions.

    Is your AP junior course the English Language course? We’re talking about adding that to our curriculum (not next year but the year after), and I’m hoping that I’d get to teach it were that to happen.


  2. Posted by meansomething on May 18, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    Yep, it’s AP Lang, which is also when we do a kind of “major American literature” survey, so the course is a hybrid. In hindsight, I can see better how it all should fit together, and how to do the prep/practice as we go along.


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