A city in winter

It still feels like winter, even with the “longer” days.  (Of course, it’s now significantly darker when I get up, which seems to matter.)

My last remaining great-aunt died last week back in Hometown, leaving my grandmother, at 94, the last surviving member of her generation in her family.  (The great-aunt who died was her sister-in-law.)  My grandmother, incapacitated with Parkinson’s disease, couldn’t go to the funeral, and my mother says she’s very sad.  I’m glad I’m going out there in a couple of weeks.  I wish it were sooner.

Tales from the neighborhood, culled from this weekend’s conversations: Neighbor #1, C.Mom, who works as a financial analyst for a large electronics corporation, escaped a round of layoffs at work this week.  (Stubb’s brother was laid off a few months ago.)

Neighbor #2 is working very hard in nursing school.  She’s already doing patient workups.  As long as her husband’s employer stays solvent, she should finish on schedule. 

Neighbor #3 does the bookkeeping for her husband’s contracting business.  They just laid off half their workers. 

And neighbor #4 is an officer of the law.  She says her division has been crazy busy for months: times are tough, and people are trying to cope and survive.  More theft, more drugs, more crazy behavior overall. 

I should be grateful that Stubb and I are doing okay.  And I am.  Just sad for my grandmother, I guess, and once again thinking, as I have so many times, that she won’t be around forever, either.  Although it’s probably five or six years now since we first started thinking we would lose her soon.  And look: she’s had a long life, she’s suffering, she’s tired.  That’s when dying is supposed to happen.  Okay, but I don’t have to like it.

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  2. […] first moved in, there were a couple of out-of-control parties, and the police were involved.  (Our neighbor in law enforcement is a good person to know.) Things have been quieter since then, but Neighbor C’s hypothesis […]


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