Spring awakening

We’re struggling toward what Inside the Philosophy Factory recently dubbed “spring” “break” –and just a moment here while I put on my Linda Richman sweater and beads:

Talk among yourselves.  I’ll give you a topic: Spring break is neither spring, nor a break.  Discuss.

Last year at this time, spring breaks at my three institutions helped me keep my sanity, as there was a period of about three weeks in which I was only teaching at one or two places, not three.  Now I am down to two institutions, and not teaching at NLNRU this spring–but still involved in some projects there.

Starfleet Academy’s spring break will allow me to make a short trip to my hometown to see my grandmother; then I’ll come back, the Snork Maiden will start her break, and she and Stubb and I will take a few days away together.  Stubb starts another project in town right after that, followed by another out-of-town stint, so we’re eager to have a short holiday as a family before things get complicated for a while.

Also in there will be some NLNRU stuff, since they are not on break at the same time as SA, and some writing.

Meanwhile, though, I have been serving a lengthy sentence in grading jail.  I just gave back lots of assignments, just in time to get more assignments.  This weekend, though, I’m not going to grade.  I’m going to relax, help my sister, and spend time with Stubb and the Snork Maiden.  She and I went to the library this weekend and I got a bunch of fun books.  I’m now going to lie down and read one of them.


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