The ghost in the machine

I’ve been a monster of productivity this weekend, but of course I feel I’m getting cheated of said weekend.  Still, let me boast: I’ve graded.  I’ve written a quiz.  I’ve read manuscripts for a scholarship.  I’ve done something fun with the Snork Maiden and will also take her to the park later in the hope that she won’t feel that her entire childhood was spent waiting for her mother to finish grading.  I’ve revised a syllabus for next fall at NLNRU.  I’ve attended an arts event at Starfleet Academy.  I’ve helped my sister with the kids for a little while.  I’ve totally neglected Stubb, but he hasn’t been around much this weekend anyway, as he’s finishing up a work project of his own.  The house is still a mess, but I’ve done laundry.  What I could have done with that hour lost to Daylight Savings!

Next: more grading!  Whee.  And a sandwich.  And the park. 

No writing.


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