The country of a thousand years of peace

Washed up on Saturday’s shore, I’m just sort of lying there, like a piece of kelp. 

This was an intense week.  Somebody greased the wheels on my elective class and they are really moving along all of a sudden.  My other eleventh-grade class performed scenes from a modern American (“STELLL-LAAAAH!”) play this week and it was a good opportunity for them to try something different.  Two of the ninth-grade classes seem to be bopping along nicely, although I have reservations about how fast I’m making them go through Shakespeare (J.C.).  And my other ninth-grade class had a truly bizarre and somewhat hostile discussion–that’s a strange group, smart but very much divided into pairs and threesomes of friends, and with too many people who want to talk but not listen.  Something that seems to work with them is to force them to work with, and sit near, people they wouldn’t choose.  They become docile and friendly in such pairs. 

One of my co-teachers in this grade said, Have a class meeting, give them a chance to reflect on what’s happening.  The other said, This is teenage display of personality, don’t give them the opportunity to complain, get them engaged in something new.  (I simplify, of course, what they said.)  But after the bizarre day, they all came in looking sunny and refreshed, so I went the second route. 

Maybe it’s just February. 

AWP is next week.  We had a meeting at NLNRU with the students who are going to help staff our table.  I really like our department chair.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with her at the table and chatting.  I’m excited about seeing my friend MW, with whom I’m sharing a room. 

Somewhere around here, I have a box of NLNRU business cards.  What are the chances that I will find them before I leave for AWP?

I’ve also got to get my lesson plans together for my substitute, figure out clothes for AWP (laundry!), grade papers, plan the first two days of next week, and pay some bills.  I’m getting a haircut today, and I should probably take one or two things to the cleaners.  I’m doing a couple of alumni interviews for my undergraduate alma mater, spending some time with my sister and her kids, and having my cousin over.  The Snork Maiden will be along for some of this, and if the weather is good, she and I will take a long walk tomorrow.

But for right now, I’m just going to be a piece of kelp for a little while longer.


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