Naked lunch

What is it with me and lunch?  I know I’ve posted before about the challenges of lunch at Starfleet Academy: no cafeteria, limited purchasing options, don’t always take the time to put together something at home or bring groceries to school, too easy to work straight through lunch.  And yet every time I fail to eat a reasonable lunch, I feel rotten by midafternoon–hungry, headache, cranky.  I brought tuna salad, yogurt, frozen blueberries, etc., to school this week, but the supplies ran low by Thursday.  Yesterday I screwed myself by not bringing any money and being too proud to ask anyone to borrow any.  During my last period, which I had free, I scrounged some change out of my desk and the bottom of my bag, and bought two cheese sticks and a bag of pita chips, but the headache had already started.  Then I ate when I got home and consequently had no appetite for dinner out with family for nephew Snufkin’s birthday.  (I had a mojito.)

Groceries!  Bring more groceries!  Is that so freaking hard?


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  1. Actually, I can imagine that this would be so freaking hard. With the exception of a couple of summer (and thus limited time) jobs, I have never in my life managed to bring lunch regularly and have always counted on being able to buy my lunch, and I think it would be quite a strain to have to bring it every day.

    It does sound as though bringing groceries to work is a more manageable option than putting together a lunch each day, although either of the options requires planning and is thus, by definition, hard.

    Before you got this job, I had never heard before of a school that didn’t have a cafeteria, but then at MLA I chatted with folks from schools in the northern part of your state who also don’t have cafeterias. Maybe it’s a regional thing? Or maybe it’s one of those independent school things that allow for such variability?

    I will say that the wonderful free lunches at FGS are a real attraction of my job. But I also learned in January that FGS has the highest tuition of any independent school in Adventure City, and I realize how much it must cost to have all of those fresh ingredients well prepared.


  2. Posted by FLS on February 18, 2009 at 3:57 am

    Container farm! When I’m working, I cook something on the weekend — say a side of salmon, 2 cups of rice, and a bag of broccoli — and divide it into eeensy tupperware from the 99c store. The fridge is crowded with stacks of little containers. Every morning I grab a protein, a veg, and a starch, stuff ’em in the lunch bag with a Little Mermaid ice pack (also from the 99c store), and VOILA! You do have nukerwaves at school, I hope?

    Of course I don’t have a husband and child messin’ with my system.


  3. Posted by bsgirl on February 27, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    “Groceries! Bring more groceries! Is that so freaking hard?”



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