Happy day

Me, personally, I am feeling rather pressured and anxious.  The older I get, the more I dislike social activities in large groups, and even though I think our neighbors are great, I’m not looking forward to having thirty people wandering in and out of the house, which is just barely tidy enough for our annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Day doughnut party (aka “Doughnuts with Dr. King”).  Meanwhile, I still have a lot of grading and prepping left to do for tomorrow–though I did in fact sit myself down and grade yesterday.  (Our semester just ended, so these are final exams, and the new semester starts tomorrow.)

But I’m trying to look past all that and say, hey, I have a day off work, we have terrific neighbors, the Snork Maiden is not sick, Stubb is home–and it will all get done.  Oh, and I still think I have a great job.  I ought to be doing something community-service-related today, but I’m glad we’ll be sitting with the neighbors and catching up.  I hope you’re having a happy day, too. 

Edited to add: Check out this “My Inauguration Story” piece by Roseanne Cash on the NYT’s music blog, “Measure for Measure.”  Also this article by Michiko Kakutani on Barack Obama’s reading habits and how books have shaped the person and thinker he is.


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