The idiot

Because there’s no literary work called “Just sit down and do your grading already, you idiot.”

Two of the Snork Maiden’s soccer teammates, and two other girls who scrimmaged with their team a lot, and a fifth girl who was on the SM’s first soccer team ever, were playing in the region’s all-star tournament today, so we got up early (the SM feels fine now) and went to watch their first game, which unfortunately they lost at the exact same stage and in the exact same way that the SM’s team last week did. 

And then we came home and Stubb was awake and we all did some cleaning up, including hanging some wall art that we’ve been meaning to hang for ages, which really cheers up our dining area.  And then Stubb went to work (he’ll be working weekends for the next several weeks, but off some weekdays) and the Snork Maiden started hanging out with neighbor kid Young’un C., and I could totally sit back down to my grading pile, but I just haven’t done it yet.  I am squandering my time shamelessly, and not even on Facebook. 

So it’s time to make a little list, and a cup of coffee, and off I go.  Some grading, a few necessary emails, and a phone call, all before Stubb gets home.  Sorry to be so boring, but clearly talking myself into doing my work is a major activity on this blog.

Oh, and in case you want to solve a minor quandary for me, should I ask two different colleagues to handle two fairly straightforward 45-minute classes (one each) for me so that I can attend an important NLNRU faculty meeting this week, or should I say, “Sorry, I have to teach”?  I do have to go down to NLNRU after school on that day regardless, because there’s a reading I need to attend, so it’s not like my day is way less complicated if I don’t reorganize things to attend the meeting.  Figure this one out for me, would you?


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