The eccentricities of a nightingale, part 2

While the Snork Maiden napped, I did it: I joined Facebook.  But only in the freakish, half-assed way in which I started blogging, which is to say that I set all the privacy settings to “Friends Only” and friended, as a beginning, only Stubb, my sister, FLS, and another longtime friend whom all of us have in common. 

Only my sister has befriended me in return, because Stubb has been at work all day and both FLS and our other friend are, I presume, at FLS’s house doing fun stuff that the Snork Maiden is jealous about.  Then Facebook suggested a whole bunch of other people who might be my friends, and this prompted me to write a newsy email to one of them, to whom I’ve been meaning to write for the last four months, because I couldn’t bring myself to friend her without acting like an actual friend first. 

By the way, how long does it take to get used to using “friend” as a transitive verb?


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