The end of the story

Last weekend was the last one for a while to get eaten up by soccer, as the Snork Maiden’s team went to area playoffs.  They did hugely well on Saturday, winning all three of their games, but lost their first game Sunday in overtime, which shut them out of the top two spots in this playoff, and they won’t be going on to the next level.  The girls were terribly disappointed, of course, but we are among the parents who, while sympathizing with our children’s pain, are not all torn up about having to spend a February weekend on a no-expenses-paid trip to a boring, inconvenient city in the middle of the state.  Third place in the area (out of ~150 teams) is not at all shabby!

By any measure, it was a successful season.  Everyone worked hard, and everyone improved; everyone staunchly supported one another, and the older, more experienced girls (kids can play at this level for two years) coached and encouraged the younger ones.  I think the Snork Maiden will keep seeing at least a couple of the girls (none of them go to her school).  The actual coaches were good motivators, good communicators, and generally good guys. 

And none of the parents were nuts–which, as Damon Runyon (and Stubb) would say, matters no little and quite some.


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