The door into summer

So now that it’s the beginning of January, and the school year is almost half over, I’m thinking a lot about next summer.  This is one of those things that makes you know you’re middle-aged–“six months from now” seems like practically around the corner, whereas to the Snork Maiden, summer is so far away! 

There’s some possibility that Stubb will go out of town and/or out of state again for work, starting in May.  The fall was his quiet season, so he’s been around a lot, which has just been heavenly–not only because I like having him around, but because he is the Parent of First Resort–packing the Snork Maiden’s lunch, taking her to school, picking her up from school, supervising homework (which the SM usually finishes before I get home around 4:15), getting her to soccer practice, and staying home when she’s sick.  From September through December, I barely had to think about any of that stuff.  I did miss it a little–I’ve always liked picking up the SM from school–but it was such a good feeling knowing it was all getting done and I didn’t have to mastermind getting her to school the way I did while Stubb was away last May and I was teaching at Starfleet Academy.

Work will pick up for Stubb in January, but for the next month or so, he should still be able to take the SM to school nearly every day.  Also, my mother is here and my sister is on maternity leave, making them both sitting ducks if we need somewhere to drop the SM for a while. 

The schedule change, and the uncertainty about what his schedule will be like in February, March, and beyond, are making me think about what we’ll do if he does go away again.  And I’m thinking about what kind of summer I want, and what kind of summer I need to help me do the writing that is so difficult to snatch time for during the school year.

I’m thinking again about going to a writers’ colony for two weeks.  Deadlines are coming up for MacDowell (Jan. 15) and others.  Or there’s also the possibility of getting some alone time closer to home. 

Meanwhile, I’m getting some work in on the book, but with an eye on the small projects that still need to be done before we return to school on Monday.  And did I mention that I’m so very glad not to be teaching a class at NLNRU (No Longer New RU) next semester?


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