Turn! Turn! Turn!

A time to be born…

Our new nephew arrived in the wee hours of Dec. 26, cute as a small button!  though purplish.

A time to die…

After a couple of days in which it became increasingly difficult to ignore that something in the vicinity smelled terrible, an exterminator removed a dead possum from underneath our house.  The smell took a couple of hours to dissipate.  It was a sunny, not-too-cold day, so we opened the windows for a while.

A time to laugh…

And now when we walk into the house, we take a deep breath and say, “I just love the smell of no dead possum underneath the house.”  And crack up.  Every time.

A time to weep…

I’m pretty discouraged by this pile of manuscripts I’m screening.  I’ve been through everything once and the “maybe” pile at least twice, and I don’t think the number of manuscripts I like is going to reach the number of finalists they’ve asked to see.  Unlike the first couple of book contests I screened for, I don’t think that I’m sending one or more potential winners forward.  I guess I can still be satisfied that I’m doing my job as well as I can, but it’s more fun to find the needle than it is to shovel out the haystack.

A time to build up, a time to break down…

We decided to buy a Wii and Wii Fit for a family Chanukah present, which meant that the Snork Maiden agreed to forgo the usual eight-small-presents, one-a-night ritual.  I missed the ritual and am glad we’ll go back to it next year–but the Wii is certainly fun.  I like the Fit games and can play up to two rounds of Mario Kart with the Snork Maiden before succumbing to illusion-of-motion-induced nausea, but I’m completely flummoxed by Lego Star Wars.  Though it’s pretty funny to watch the little Lego characters “die” by getting blasted into their Lego components and then reassemble–because apparently nothing ever dies on Wii, at least not in games rated E for Everyone.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Mazel tov on the new nephew! And on the successful de-possum-ification.


  2. […] break 2008 featured the birth of our youngest nephew, who is turning six this […]


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