A question and a sigh of relief

The question: Why have I been putting off–why am I still putting off–entering my No Longer New RU (NLNRU) grades?  It’s not as though they’re not all A’s, anyway (it’s a graduate creative writing course, for pete’s sake; I gave one B last year, to a student who was out of state for the last six meetings of the course).  It’s probably not the new online grading system–I’ve dealt with those before.  Is it a subconscious desire to have it not be over?   Brute laziness?  Or something else?

I’ve been going through piles of paper and clearing up the “library” area where the desktop computer is (as distinct from my “study” area, the desk where I write–and, this week, screen manuscripts).  I’ve just come across my binder from last year’s job search and MLA, and I am heartrendingly grateful not to be doing that again this year.  Even though San Francisco is the second-best place I’ve ever been to MLA (after San Diego). 

Okay, I’m going to go enter those grades now.


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