Winter break is here.

[Insert sigh of relief]

You know, I’ve been teaching for so long that I tend to forget that at Starfleet Academy my weeks are still filled with doing things for the first time.  The AP class is filled with classics of American literature that I’ve simply never happened to teach.  I compose many of my assignments from scratch.  And I am still having new-to-me interactions with students and others for which little in my previous teaching career has prepared me, such as giving my first detention, talking to a sane and balanced parent, talking to a kind of weird parent, talking to a really smart girl who makes really flamboyantly ditsy comments in class, etc.

So maybe I won’t always be quite so much in need of a break?  (In February, we’ll get back to the point at which I joined the ninth grade last year.  I’m indecently excited about having some materials to draw on that I don’t have to create!)

I’m now going to go make one of those big old charts like the one I made last summer, because there actually are a lot of things I have to do over this break.  Most of them are things I also really want to do, like work on my book and finish screening manuscripts for a book contest.  But I want to make sure I do fun things, too–family things, friend things, and alone things–so that I don’t get to the end of break feeling like I didn’t get a break from work.

There’s also another factor, which is that my sister is having a baby very, very soon, and when that happens, look out, because a new baby is–and I mean this in the nicest possible way–a cataclysm.  And they have a toddler, too, so we will definitely be going over there to help, and my mom is coming to town.  I’m happy for them, and I look forward to meeting this new nephew, who I hope will arrive healthy and vigorous, but I will also look forward to being able to go home to my own house.  Which is pretty much what the Snork Maiden said about it, too.


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  1. […] 2008 had been my first fall semester at SA, and the challenge of doing so many things for the first time had left me very much in need of a break.  It’s definitely better now.  And I was […]


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