The gift

Although I’ve always chipped in for the class gift for the Snork Maiden’s elementary school teachers at the holidays and the end of the year, and usually add a bookstore gift card to the end-of-year present, it didn’t seem plausible to me that students would give gifts to their high school teachers.  I certainly never did. 

But at Starfleet Academy, a number of the students do present their teachers with some holiday token.  A quarter of them, perhaps?  I won’t know until today is over.  I have received some homemade goodies(pumpkin bread, homemade candy), other comestibles (gift pack of cocoa tins, bottle of apple cider with mulling spices), two books from the classroom “wish list,” and gift cards for a bookstore and Starbucks.  Also some extremely nice notes. 

It does feel a little weird, but also very touching.  The homemade goodies and wish-list books seem least weird, and the nice notes are the best, though I’m excited to use the bookstore gift cards.


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  1. Yeah, this gift-giving was a surprise to me also. I’ve also started getting gifts (some of them extravagant by my standards) from the students for whom I wrote college letters of rec.


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  3. […] a book contest.  And I was surprised to find that some high school students give their teachers holiday gifts.  (This year was pretty much as usual: a few Starbucks/Barnes and Noble cards, a few homemade or […]


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