One more week to go.  The end of this last week was hard, in part because the two roughest days in our block schedule landed on Thursday and Friday for me.  But that also means that the easiest day falls on Monday, so I’m mostly putting off batches of grading and prepping for Monday and just enjoying the weekend and making sure I get enough sleep.

We have a friend who spends a lot of the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s singing with a caroling group that does both private parties and public gigs.  Last night after dinner, on a whim, the three of us popped over to the pub/restaurant where he was caroling.  The place was busy, even early, but we sat in the bar; Stubb and I had Irish coffees, we all shared dessert, and we listened to our friend and three of his fellow choristers.  It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things that could have been a disappointment, but turned out really well.

Unfortunately, today the Snork Maiden seems to be coming down with something, so she’s on the couch cherry-picking her favorite Harry Potter scenes from the DVD menus of the HP movies we own, and Stubb and I are taking it in shifts to do errands out and tasks at home.  Later I’ll go by myself to the play at Starfleet Academy, and after I get home, Stubb will go to the party/toy drive for the children’s hospital.  It would have been more fun to do these things together, of course, but oh well.  Maybe none of us will get sick over the break!


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  1. […]  This was also the year we began a tradition of going to a particular pub/restaurant to hear our caroling friend; I guess this year will be our sixth time doing that?  The Snork Maiden was coming down with […]


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