That’s how many more school days before the break.

I may make it.

The first time in over 20 years that I’ve approached December not finishing a school term.  No final grading (although a lot of little grading).  Exams are in mid-January. 

It’s still a busy time, with holiday programs and other “special” commitments.  The Snork Maiden’s soccer team advanced to regional play in January, but had its end-of-regular-season party last night.  This weekend we see another play at Starfleet Academy, and I signed up to chaperone the holiday concert next week.  I’m chaperoning a field trip next week as well.

And teaching goes on!  Odysseus is at the mouth of Erebus, trying to give his momma a hug (I actually do find this a heartbreaking book).  Edna Pontellier is at Grand Isle.  My AP students are also struggling with a difficult analytical essay from last year’s test.  My New RU class is over.

I may get another chance to blog before the break.


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