While England sleeps

I should definitely be in bed now, but every week I get home from my evening class, and even if I was yawning through the last twenty minutes of it, I still have some winding down to do.  I have a snack, look at my email, put things in order for the morning. 

Tuesday is a regular class day at Starfleet Academy, but there are no classes Wednesday.  The students are doing community service projects; some of the faculty are chaperoning these, and the rest of us have a half day that is a work day earmarked for updating our curriculum maps, with a communal coffee break mid-morning.  I’m very pleased to have this time since I have done no updating of my curriculum map at all and I look forward to filling in the first three months of school and uploading my assignments and handouts. 

One thing I must do in the morning, though, is finish marking a batch of the alliterative- and accentual-verse poems that my students wrote as part of their Beowulf unit so that I can hand them all back.  They had to write at least twenty lines, reproducing the alliteration and stress pattern, and including two kennings.  Though there was a moment there when I thought most of them would never get the pattern, it turns out that most of them did.  Some of the results are pretty terrific.


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