Goodnight moon

Random bullets of it’s so late:

  • As I thought, the time change hit my New RU evening class pretty hard.  With half an hour to go, though, we seemed to get a second wind.  Now I’m having trouble winding down.
  • I realized today that the combination of the approaching election and the deadline for turning in quarter grades was really stressing me out.  I’m still getting used to how, in high school, you file the grades and then the students don’t go away.  The election anxiety probably speaks for itself.
  • Starfleet Academy is doing a high-school-wide presidential “election” tomorrow. 
  • I can’t vote before school because it will make me late.  I will have to vote immediately afterward.
  • I read about segmented sleep and now I’m a) thinking about how it might change my thinking about multiple works of literature (does anyone know where in the Odyssey Homer refers to first sleep?) and also b) thinking about trying it myself.  Does falling asleep on the couch at 5:30 count?  Because I might do that tomorrow anyway, then wake up to see what’s happening with the election.

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