It has to be said

that the “research cyberclone, E.B.-3,” which was recently added to Jim Meddick’s comic strip Monty, is strongly reminiscent of the strip’s original main character, Robotman.  I’m not complaining, mind.  I love Monty.  But I loved the Robotman years.

I mention this with some trepidation because a few weeks ago, about a month after I praised Clear Blue Water, that strip ceased syndication.  However, it’s now appearing on Karen Montague-Reyes’ website

I’m working on a post about overhearing something weird in the teachers’ workroom last week, but I have to disguise it and it’s taking a while.  Also, I have gotten involved in some curriculum revision at New RU and that seems to be sucking up some of my time.  And yes, they are paying me extra to work on this. 

Stubb was away this weekend and the Snork Maiden and I had several fun things to do, some of which I actually managed to enjoy without worrying about all the work I have to do:

  • Soccer game on Saturday, which the Snork Maiden’s team won and in which she kicked her second goal of the season.  And this was an authoritative goal; it arced beautifully over the goalie’s head.  I texted Stubb: Snork Maiden goal! and he texted back: Ah shit, and hey great! I knew it would happen if I wasn’t there. congratulate and kiss her for me.
  • High School Musical 3 with a friend from her school.
  • Baking: the Snork Maiden made the ginger cookies in the shape of witches, bats, cats, and owls, and I made the brownies.
  • Farmers’ market.
  • FLS’s pumpkin-carving party, to which we took the aforementioned baking.  Always a pleasure, FLS!

Monday will be a doozy of a day: it’s my maximum day at Starfleet Academy, when all four of my classes meet, plus one of them is a double block.  Plus a meeting before school and a meeting at lunch.  And then a meeting at RU after school, and then my RU class.  Phew.  However, I don’t think there’s another one like that for the rest of the semester.  Good thing.


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