The list

I did a bunch of grading during the week, turning back all the Odyssey tests that my students took on Monday, and didn’t bring any grading home this weekend, either.  Once again, though, I have prepping to do, particularly for New RU.  And I keep thinking of other things that should or must be done.

The weekend so far:

  • Went to a family service at a friend’s synagogue on Friday night
  • Attended Snork Maiden’s soccer game on Saturday morning
  • Took care of niece on Saturday afternoon
  • Watched a play at Starfleet Academy on Saturday night; came home after the Snork Maiden was in bed and shared a beer with Stubb on the couch
  • Walked with Stubb and the Snork Maiden to the farmers’ market on Sunday morning

And here’s what I should do and would like to do with the rest of today:

  • Prepare New RU class (about an hour)
  • Do a small New RU admin project (about an hour)
  • With Stubb and the Snork Maiden, get laundry moving, compile grocery list and do a half-hour let’s-pick-up-the-clutter session
  • Nap (about an hour)
  • Also with Stubb and the Snork Maiden, finalize plans for the Snork Maiden’s birthday (involves phone calls, etc.; maybe half an hour)
  • Write a check so that the Snork Maiden can get a class t-shirt (five minutes)
  • Research current deadlines for writers’ colonies (half an hour)
  • Nice calm supper to fortify ourselves for the week ahead

There’s other stuff, but this seems like a reasonable amount to get done.  Blogging will probably continue to be light and somewhat boring, as this will be another busy week.


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