On beyond zebra

As I was gathering up my things on Friday, Dr. Tea asked (from her desk on the other side of the room) whether I was taking a lot of grading home.  No, none, I said; I’d just returned a batch of papers to one class, and the other three have a test on Monday.  I do have some essay revisions to grade, but those should be quick and are not urgent; I should be able to do them during the test on Monday. 

However, I did have a ton of planning to do, and while I’m happy to report that it’s pretty much done for now, it’s been a very full weekend (divided among work, family, and community) with almost no reflective time, either for blogging or any other kind of writing.  I’m really struggling to write with my current schedule, which I realize should not be a surprise, but I have to find a way around it anyway.  On a friend’s advice, I’m going to start very, very small, and aim for an hour before the end of the workweek on Friday.  Will post on how that goes.


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