You must remember this

Just because I didn’t finish this batch of papers when I arguably had time to do so doesn’t mean I have to stay up late or get up early to finish them for tomorrow.

Just because I think it would be a good idea to get the papers back tomorrow doesn’t mean the students won’t be just as content to have them back the day after tomorrow–and learn just as much.

Just because I feel like I might have slacked a little on this batch doesn’t mean I have to punish myself by depriving myself of sleep in order to finish them.

Are we clear on this?  Good.  So I’m going to bed now instead of staying up and grading those papers.  And I’m getting up at my regular time of 6.  And may I add that there was a lot of sneezing happening at Starfleet Academy today.  The viral cloud of early autumn (I think that’s a phrase from a novel but I can’t think of which one) has descended, and I need to keep my resistance up.  (So that I can grade those papers, naturally.)

I did reread The Last Picture Show, and it seemed both sadder and more wonderful than the last time I’d read it.  Sigh.

My New RU students are still pretty terrific.

Oh, and I was very silly with my eleventh-graders today at the beginning of class.  Until I gave them another one of those hemorrhage-inducing reading quizzes.  But they seemed to like the silliness.


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  1. I just made *exactly* the same decision myself! I turned back graded work to all of my classes today, but I still have one more assignment to give back to each since I got behind last week and had a busy weekend. And I came home tired from work and intent on grading some more and then decided that I am trying to create a sustainable life for myself, and so grading can happen during the day tomorrow, a much lighter day for me, and get returned on Thursday instead. Much calmer.

    Of course, I then spent the evening paying bills, washing dishes, etc. — but that stuff does have to happen in a sustainable life.


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