The music of what happens

My New RU class is starting to surprise me.  This is a class I proposed because the subject is something I think is well worth exploring, not because I have a clear idea of what I think about it.  I think it’s working because I am preparing carefully beforehand, but there are some quite exciting (to me, anyway) discoveries happening in class. 

Since the class is in the evening, energy is always an issue.  Even with the best will in the world, inevitably some of our small group are tired.  I’m not really at my best after 6 PM–used to be, but having a kid and a teaching job that starts at 7:30 every day have done a number on me.  Still, I psych myself up and off we go. 

I have second thoughts before practically every class.  It takes at least 45 minutes to drive there from Starfleet Academy.  I don’t see Stubb or the Snork Maiden all day–I leave the house on New RU days at 7 AM and don’t return until 10:30 PM.  And after a full day at Starfleet Academy, it’s a challenge to get geared up again.  But once we get underway, I’m so happy to be doing it, I always feel (if fleetingly) that I’d do it for free. 

Getting up the next morning, though–not so easy.  Maybe what they’re paying me for is not to teach the class, but to get up the next morning.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so glad the class is going well! But yeah, I think it would be really, really challenging to teach an evening class after a long day and then get up again the next morning for another long day.


  2. Yes, it’s always worse the next morning. I loved my night folk (ok, from 4-6pm I questioned why I was doing it), but getting up in the morning was always nasty the next day.

    I don’t wind down easily after a good class so that cuts into the sleep time, too.


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