Terms of endearment

Blog housekeeping note:  I’m scrubbing my “Currently Reading” list of all the summer books and starting over.  It’s possible that I might be about to go on a Larry McMurtry jag.  This might be just what I need right now in terms of nonrequired reading–to reread books I know I like, but which I haven’t read for years.

What happened is that Stubb very kindly took himself and the Snork Maiden away for most of the day so that I could try to climb on top of the pile of stuff I had to get done for Monday and the rest of the week.  And, indeed, I have made quite a lot of progress on that pile, including planning an assignment that I’m excited about for my New RU students.  I also finished and folded laundry so that the Snork Maiden and I have clothes for the week.  I put gas in the car, happily anticipating the gas savings in carpooling since this week my carpool partner will be driving most of the time, and ran a couple other errands.

Since I’ve been so productive, I’ve rewarded myself with some bouts of messing-around time on the computer, during one of which I read Therapydoc‘s new post and also read around in some of her archives, where I came upon her post “Enmeshed versus so-NOT-enmeshed,” which is a fascinating discussion of the movies Terms of Endearment and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

I haven’t seen Terms of Endearment since I was maybe fourteen or so, and I’m sure I would see it very differently as a grown woman and a mother.  I’m also sure it would make me bawl, so I’m not in a rush to see it.  (I have to save my “emotional wherewithal,” as What Now? recently pointed out, for reading books that make me cry.)  Thinking about it, though, made me dimly recall reading the book, which, as you may not know, is by Larry McMurtry, who doesn’t just write cowboy books.  And that made me think about rereading The Last Picture Show, which might be one of my favorite books even though I don’t own a copy and know I can’t have read it for at least ten years.  Now I’m dying to read The Last Picture Show again although it, too, will probably make me cry.  And after that I might have to reread Terms of Endearment.

Also on deck: definitely Twilight, which I plan to buy tonight when the family’s back and we have a bookstore errand to run.  And I’d decided about a week ago that I really wanted to read Revolutionary Road, a book that fiction writers are always recommending, so I requested it from a different public library branch and it’s being held at my local one.  (Like Brick Lane, which I read this summer, I wanted to read the book before the movie came out.  Not that I’ve seen so many movies lately; in fact, I don’t think I have seen any movies since Stubb left in May except for Kung Fu Panda.  My best guess is that the next time I’ll see a movie in a theater is over Thanksgiving weekend–maybe.)

Oh, and: I put The 40-Year-Old Virgin at the top of my Netflix queue and sealed into its red envelope the previous disc, which is a film adaptation of a book that I’m teaching this year, but which I’m admitting to myself I really don’t want to watch.  I’m sure Stubb would watch The 40-Year-Old Virgin with me.  And maybe now that he’s home we can find a TV show on DVD to get hooked on the way we got hooked on Rome last year.  Any suggestions?


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