First among sequels

Some miscellaneous impressions from the first days of Starfleet Academy:

The first day of school made me really, really tired.  (The second, not so much.)

Ninth graders in September were eighth graders in June.  There’s a real difference between these students and the ones I met last February when I began. 

I didn’t know how good I had it last year when all my classes were in the same room as my desk.  I have two classes in my room, two classes in a different room, and only four periods a week when my roommate/chair and I have the room to ourselves.  It’s going to take some adjusting–and some tweaking of my routines so that I consistently go to the other room with all the materials I might need during class. 

However, I am fortunate that the other room is just a few steps away.

I am very happy to have found someone to carpool with.

Thank goodness Stubb is home, because the Snork Maiden started school today, and his practical and emotional support is really needed around here.  Finishing out the school year without him was just barely possible; starting the school year without him I don’t even want to think about.  At least not unless we decide to send the Snork Maiden to Starfleet Academy in a couple of years.

Yes, I do realize that I just crossed Moominvalley with the Star Trek universe there in that last sentence.

Speaking of fictional worlds, a review of my students’ getting-to-know-you questionnaires yields lots of mentions of the Twilight series in response to “What sorts of books do you read for pleasure/what memorable books have you read recently?”  I’m tempted to read the first one just to be able to throw out a few references in class.  Whaddaya think?


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  1. Twilight is a very good teen book. Ive met Stephanie Meyer a few times and found her to be very nice and genuinely interested in her readers. I haven’t read any other than Twilight. I hear that they are good, but not as good. They get a lot of teens and preteens reading.

    The concept is interesting. It’s a world of Vampires, but with non-canonized vampireisms. For instance, the main group of vampires have renounced human blood consumption.

    Anyway, you should read it before the movie comes out this Winter.



  2. Brent,
    Thanks for your comments! I am not a big vampire fan generally, though in a different decade I liked the TV show “Forever Knight,” in which the main character had sworn off human blood (I think he drank cow blood out of bottles in his fridge–it’s been a long time).
    If I read TWILIGHT, I will certainly post my impressions.


  3. I just spent two days on an overnight retreat with our sophomores, and I concluded afterward that I should read Twilight, which the girls assured me was “the best book EVER!” Our librarian told me that she found the main character vapid, so I’m not expecting much, but it should be a quick read.


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