A big storm knocked it over

I’ve been following the Hurricane Gustav news on the Web and the reporting seems to be cautiously optimistic for the Gulf Coast and New Orleans.  I was also reading updates on the blog of a friend who didn’t evacuate, but that’s been quiet since late last night–I’m assuming her power has gone out, but not too worried about their coming through the storm.

Still, though–hurricanes.  Easy to underestimate them, even after Katrina.  During hurricane season my freshman year of college, I finished typing my first philosophy paper about half an hour before it was due and went out to deliver it even though a hurricane was blowing in.  They were closing the philosophy office early because of the storm but allowed me to slip the paper into my TA’s box.  When I stepped outside, trees were bending in the wind, and signs mounted on hinges above a row of small shops were swinging and banging in the high wind.  As I went by, one of the signs detached itself, went sailing across the street, and crashed on the opposite sidewalk.  It wasn’t until then that the thought occurred to me that going out while a hurricane was coming in might not have been such a hot idea.

(Good thing my mother doesn’t read this blog.)

Anyway, my thoughts are with those who have already suffered from this storm, and those who are riding it out now.


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