An rboc post

  • Meetings have begun at Starfleet Academy.  Students return next week.
  • I met my New RU class for the first time.
  • I have lots to post about, but I don’t have much time to post.
  • This is partly because I am staying at my sister’s to help her while she’s on low activity by doctor’s orders (she’s pregnant), so I don’t have access to my own computer.
  • And I never, ever use my Starfleet Academy laptop to post to this blog.
  • The Snork Maiden is with her grandparents in Vacationtown and seems to be having a nice time.  I went to a production of Romeo and Juliet with them all last night, but came promptly back.  (It’s a little far for such dashes, but I wanted to be there.)
  • Stubb will be home in a few days.
  • Hooray for that!
  • Tomorrow: more faculty meetings!  So far, these meetings have been well run and quite productive.  I’m getting a better sense of a lot of people I’ve only met in passing before.  Also of certain interpersonal dynamics–always fascinating. 
  • Now I’m going to grab my toilet kit and something to wear tomorrow (which ends with a bbq for students) and head back to my sister’s place.
  • Hope to post more soon.

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