Out of the silent planet

OK, I’ve settled down.  Last night I emptied a basket of miscellaneous stuff that had been sitting in the living room for a while.  I boldly discarded a bunch of paper related to NCC (adjunct handbook, etc.) on the theory that if I do go back at some point, they’ll give me updated versions of all those things.  I recycled a stack of papers from one of last year’s 2YC classes, reshelved a bunch of books, and now I have another laundry basket.  Whee.  Today, after Starfleet Academy, I’m going to start in on the workspace.

Stubb and the Snork Maiden are doing fine.  Yesterday was a fairly rushed day–he had to work and she had to tag along–but today should be calmer and more fun.  I was impatient with myself for being so unsettled about being apart from them, given that I have plenty to do and usually love spending time alone, but I suppose that’s wasted impatience (is there any other kind?).


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