Bisy backson

Taking the Snork Maiden to meet up with Stubb in Las Vegas, where hotel rooms are pretty reasonable in August.  He’ll have Sunday off, so we’ll have a day to frolic (translation: mostly just hang around the hotel) before the Snork Maiden returns with him to Work City for a few days and I come back here to do some Starfleet Academy-related work.  The Snork Maiden and I have been joined at the hip for much of the summer (and have rarely been apart overnight anyway), so this is going to feel weird, but I’m glad the two of them will have some time together and I’m also looking forward to a few days on my own.


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  1. Posted by FLS on August 10, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    Don’t forget to do the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton while you’re there! It closes forever in September. Shadow and I are planning to stop there on our way to Stubbville next week.


  2. FLS, we weren’t really in Vegas long enough to do much of anything other than swim. Is the Star Trek Experience different from the one that was touring for a while? I’ll be interested to hear about it! And Stubb will be so glad to see you and Shadow.


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