A brief history of time

Countdown to the end of summer:  The Snork Maiden goes back to school in four weeks–the day after Starfleet Academy starts.  And good grief, I just realized that my New RU class starts in less than three weeks.  And I have done almost no preparation for it so far, aside from the occasional idle thought.  It is a graduate creative-writing class and will be run mostly workshop-style, so we’re not talking intensive prep every week, but it will be heavy on handouts and I do need to plan and carry out a serious day of going-to-the-library-and-photocopying-stuff. 

The class has a particular focus to it that I think will be interesting and fruitful for the students and me.  But there’s no anthology or sourcebook to support this focus, so I have to find the bits of paper on which I’ve scribbled titles over the past few months and continue brainstorming a list of things I will want to hand out.  Then onto JSTOR and into the library–and probably also to the computer to email friends, begging for the handout from that talk from 1998.  And back to that syllabus I drafted in the spring to see what resemblance it bears to the course I think I want it to be.

I’ve also been in a little bit of avoidance/denial about a time conflict between Starfleet’s school day and two meetings I need to attend at New RU.  I think it can all be worked out, but I can’t take it up with the appropriate people for another week or so, even though now is when I am motivated to do it.  Oh well.


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