A spot of bother

Last summer, while passing through a particularly busy and difficult time, I mused that the pain of it would disappear once it was over, never to be properly remembered–but actually, here in a different chaotic moment, I find I do remember it–not perhaps in all its lousy glory, but with some clarity. 

The Snork Maiden has been so great on our travels–not that there haven’t been moments of tiredness and frustration, but overall things have gone surprisingly well.  We had a great day with PymFan, who was incredibly gracious about letting the Snork Maiden steer the agenda for much of the day.  On the train going back, we took turns writing sentences in our summer journal.  I wrote, “We forgot to ask PymFan to write something in this journal!”  The Snork Maiden wrote, “She had a good time.  We know that.”  Hee.

Some challenges lie ahead.  I know I will have to exercise patience with her.  And she with me, but I am supposed to be the grownup here.  Of course, there is no shortage of grownups around who need my patience as well…

A lost thing found:  I have one halfway decent bathing suit.  It was missing for a while and then turned up earlier this summer.  Then, a couple of weeks back when I actually wanted to go swimming, I couldn’t find it.  Tonight it turned up again, in a bag in the car.  Weird, but I’m happy to be able to swim for the rest of the trip.


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  1. Posted by Pym Fan on July 24, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    The SM was a delight, and I had a wonderful time. Let’s do it again soon! Good luck with the current chaotic moment, and may the conference-related crises be few… (How’s the laundry situation?)


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