H.M.S. Surprise

As I was scurrying around packing, I stepped a little funny–I think I was changing direction abruptly–felt something in the back of my calf go zing, and was immediately hobbled by pain.  Oh, the things you shout aloud at such moments!  I think I yelled an expletive and my own name, something like “Sh!t, [–], this isn’t good!”  Of course, it would be on the afternoon of our departure.  Dagnabit!  I rushed to Dr. Google, and it’s got to be a calf strain.  I put myself on the couch with an ice pack and two ibuprofen, and a couple of hours later, I’m gimping around the house quite efficiently, finishing up the rest of the preparations.  We’ll see how it is after the trek through the airport and the flight.  Impeccable timing, no?


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  1. Posted by Pym Fan on July 12, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    Yikes, MS. That doesn’t sound good at all. (Speaking of Dr. Google, I myself have the habit of turning to MayoClinic.com when I have a question about a symptom or disorder or medication, and my experience there has made me realize what a mixed blessing all this information is. On the one hand, I absolutely love being able to look things up myself; on the other hand, as a bit of a hypochondriac, I inevitably find all sorts of data to stoke the flames of my anxiety. So, glad as I am to have read the page you linked to about calf strain, I know that the next time I have a pain in my calf, I’m going to worry that the muscle has pulled away from the tendon, which is just a nasty thing to contemplate.) Anyway, take care of that leg!


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