Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus!

I will be spending today in the usual fit of insanity that precedes a trip: doing necessary errands I neglected earlier in the week; embarking on tasks that I have inexplicably decided must be done before I leave even though, were I staying, I could easily continue to put them off; abandoning some of said tasks; and packing. 

An exciting new factor in the craziness is that there is effectively no downtime between Hometown trip and the conference, so I also need to work out what conference-related tasks may come up while I’m away and make sure that I have brought or uploaded the appropriate materials.

I will be bringing materials for projects I won’t touch while I’m away, as well as materials for projects I will.  I will pack at least one item of clothing that I will never wear, and one pair of shoes ditto, and I will leave behind something that I desperately need.

What will it be?


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