The hours

I have roughly six of ’em left before I pick up the Snork Maiden.  In that time I need to:

  • Put in another hour of writing.  (Level of difficulty: Medium.  Mostly because it’s hard to focus with these other tasks rattling around in my head, which is why I’m writing them down.)
  • Attempt to finalize some arrangements for the conference.  (Level of difficulty: Medium.  I have to call people I don’t know, which is something I dislike, and I won’t be able to control how long the whole thing takes.  Some of it I can do by email, but either way, it’s a hurry-up-and-wait situation: I have to get in touch with some people before the July 4 holiday, but some of them won’t call me back until afterwards.)
  • Make a quick trip to the grocery store.  (Level of difficulty: Low.  I could do this with the Snork Maiden, of course, but it’s a quicker, cleaner errand without her.  Also, I will eat a healthier lunch if I do it now.)
  • Collect the library books that need to go back, and drop them at the library. (Level of difficulty:  Low.  Actually, I could probably renew online the ones that are due today, then make one big trip next Thursday with the Snork Maiden to return everything and get some books for our trip to Hometown, which commences next weekend.)
  • Spend an hour, or a bit more, on one of the cleaning/organizing zones around the house.  (Level of difficulty: Low.)
  • Take a shower.  (Obviously, also Low difficulty.  It’s just that I know I’ll get sweaty again from cleaning, but I don’t want to clean first; I should do the conference stuff before cleaning, as the conference stuff is more urgent and more important.  But I feel yucky from yesterday, when I showered in the morning, then ended up both cleaning and exercising, and didn’t shower again later.)

I think the grocery store has to wait.  I will cobble together an okay lunch from what I have in the house.  Maybe that red bell pepper is still OK.  (I should be aware of using up what we have in the house, anyway, but I need a few fresh things for meals over the holiday weekend and for the pasta salad we’ll make for a Fourth party.) 

The library, too, can probably wait.  I will check online.  If something has to go back today, I’ll take it with me and drop it off when I get the Snork Maiden.  Then she and I will buy a t-shirt for a camp project, possibly hit the library, and do the grocery shopping before we come home.  Saves gas, too, to group the errands together when I have to go out anyway.  (Yes, this works fine.  We’ll go on Saturday, since that’s when the next books are due.)

You know, I think I’d better just go ahead and take the shower, since I’m filthy enough to be distracted by it.  Then I’ll give myself an hour (setting cellphone alarm) to deal with the conference stuff.  That should be enough to at least initiate some contact with the five or so people I need to touch base with. 

Then I’ll read for about half an hour, to drive all that other stuff from my mind.  Then I’ll write.  I have something good lined up to work on today.

Then I’ll have a late lunch.  And then I’ll do some cleaning.  I’m going to work on the front room–the room you step into from the front door.  We sometimes call it the library because that’s where about 85% of our books are, and this computer, and a small dresser on which we pile the mail, and a chair on which we throw our jackets and the junk we carry in with us.  The Snork Maiden’s winter coat is still on that chair, if you want to know.  And our duffel bag from going to see Stubb is still on the floor with half its contents. 

An hour of work on this room will yield results.  It won’t take that long to put away most of the crap, because most of it (like the Snork Maiden’s winter coat) does actually have a place to be.  And I’ve already done the immediate area around the computer, including a small desk on which we pile current paperwork and projects (it’s mostly got conference stuff on it now, plus things like a fall parking application for New RU and a postcard to my mother that’s waiting for the Snork Maiden to finish it). 

Then I’ll check my email again and see if there’s anything I have to respond to.  I, of course, will be doing conference things over the holiday weekend, but the main conference office will be shut, and our administrator who does the financial stuff will be away, so I might have one or two things I need to check with her before the end of the day.

And by then it will certainly be time to pick up the Snork Maiden and do our errands and come home.  We might swim at a friend’s place–that would be a treat for both of us to look forward to at the end of errands on a hot afternoon.

Okay, writing all this out has helped a lot.  Thanks, invisible people.  More later.


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