The days are just packed

It took about ten days to begin to get the hang of summer.  My summer chart is showing me that work is getting done, tasks are being accomplished, and fun is being had.  But I no longer feel like a pot about to boil.  Or a crab about to be boiled alive by the rising temperature of the pot.

On Tuesday, Stubb had the afternoon off and the three of us drove to a national park for a spot of mild hiking and absorption of cubic acres of natural beauty.  Afterwards, we had a very nice dinner at an ambitious restaurant, which we decided was in belated celebration of our anniversary.  I couldn’t quite separate my enjoyment of these specific things (astonishing rocks, late-afternoon sunlight, a wisp of a waterfall, silly jokes, roasted-garlic hummus, coconut cheesecake) from my enjoyment of the fact that we were doing something so…perfectly unnecessary. 

And heading homeward yesterday, the Snork Maiden and I had six hours to dawdle in an airport.  I’d have thought this would have been painful, but it really wasn’t.  We wandered around, checked out the kids’ play area (which would have been okay if there were any kids in it), read, updated our summer travel journal, and generally entertained ourselves.  While waiting until it was late enough to check our bag, we talked with a Spanish woman, traveling on business, who had missed her flight and was planning to wait in the airport until the next one, 24 hours later.  She showed us her travel photos on her digital camera, and pictures of her 17-month-old son.  We showed her our summer journal (which we actually started in May on our first trip to see Stubb) and she wrote a message in it.  We wrote her a note on a postcard for a souvenir, and I gave her my copy of Brick Lane.

It was easy, in those six hours, to be relaxed and just Be Here Now (a phrase that always makes me think of Spalding Gray, who tried so hard to be).  Thank you, Snork Maiden.  Thank you, summer.  Thank you, vacation.  Thank you, new job that comes with summer vacation.  And thank you, Stubb, for going to work in a beautiful place where I don’t work.  That, I think, was key. 


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  1. What a relaxing post to read! Hurrah for summer fun and interesting conversations and relaxing.


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