Nobody’s fool

As I mentioned, I agreed to let the Snork Maiden have two friends sleep over tonight–Bestfriend and Xavier.  The Snork Maiden is going to a birthday party this afternoon; I’ll have three hours to myself while she’s there.  Then I’ll pick her and Bestfriend up, we’ll go get Xavier, and back here again.

So we’re cleaning up and rearranging the living room furniture and shopping for supper food and snacks.  We also have to make a quick stop to register her for fall soccer.  (The Snork Maiden continues to act miffed when the subject of not playing on the travel team comes up, but otherwise I don’t think she really regrets it.  She seems to be looking forward to the fall AYSO season.) 

As for me, I am feeling better now that it’s the weekend.  I’m not going to grade my finals until Monday–I left them all at Starfleet Academy.  I am, however, going to finish the dregs of my NCC grading and turn that in.  Today, I looked into going to the movies while the Snork Maiden is at the birthday party, but it doesn’t look like anything I want to see fits that time frame.  I think I might go to a discount shoe place and look for the new pair of sneakers I’ve been saying I need, then come home, have lunch and watch a DVD.  Maybe also return some books to the library and look for some fun reading as well.

Next week is looking appealing–lots going on, but not at all overwhelming.  I’m meeting with the teachers who also teach sections of the courses I’ll have next year so that we can make some plans while this year is still fresh in our minds.  I’ll be grading, of course.  I’m also going on a museum field trip with the Snork Maiden’s class.  I’ll see all my classes one more time to return their finals and wish them a fabulous summer.  I’ll get a haircut, make a couple of doctor appointments, and start making summer writing plans in earnest.  Yum.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I’m back in the part of campus I wanted to be in next year.  My department chair (I need to figure out a pseudonym for her) was great about it; she’s arguing against her own interests, in a way, since she is actually entitled to a room of her own, but is sharing with me so that I don’t have to be in a totally different building, away from all of the people I’m supposed to be collaborating with.  I’ll probably have to trek over there to teach one or two of my classes anyway, but I’m more than willing to do that.  What I really wanted was to be sure of seeing the cool girls (the other AP Lang teachers) and my grade-level partner every day, and that will happen if we’re on the same hallway, using the same photocopier, bathroom, supply closet, etc.  This seems far more important in high school than it ever did in college.  And yes, I have become desensitized to the one-hole bathroom. Really don’t even notice it anymore. 


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