Hotel world

The Snork Maiden and I are taking advantage of the three-day Memorial Day weekend to go and visit Stubb.  Last time, we just met up with him on his day off at a hotel in a city two-thirds of the way there; this time, we’re going the whole way and will stay at the barely furnished apartment with which he’s being provided.  At his request I am bringing some flatware and a small futon.  I’m wondering about towels; in my experience, these furnished places get their towels from the same place Motel 6 does.  (And they often have a supply of hotel soaps in paper wrappers.  And you’re grateful for it.  Stubb has done this often enough to know that you should bring your own toilet paper, just in case there doesn’t happen to be a roll on the spindle when you get there.)

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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