A room of one’s own

Apparently I spoke too soon when I said that I would be sharing a room with the other teacher for the same grade.  Turns out she and the teacher she’s currently sharing with have become BFF and want to stay together, so now the plan is to have them move into the room I’m currently occupying alone (thereby consolidating the department in the same part of the building), and have me move down to share with the department chair.  This is probably better all around, actually.  Good for them, because they are used to each other and will be happy; good for me, because a) I’ll be moving to a nicer room, with more natural light, and b) while there are obvious pros and cons to sharing space with one’s immediate supervisor, I actually think we will get along very well.  We are more of an age (late thirties/early forties–she’s a few years older, I think–while the BFFs are, I’m guessing, a decade younger), both have kids (hers are young teenagers), and share an academic background (she has a Ph.D. in comp. lit. from GU).  We looked at the room together on Friday and plotted where my desk will go and what kind of bookshelves to order: there’s a nice long wall under the bulletin boards that I envision filling with low bookshelves from my desk almost to the door.  I haven’t brought in very much to my room except for posters for the bulletin boards and a few books; I look forward to transferring books over there and perhaps some memorabilia, objets d’art, photos, etc. 

As I may have mentioned, Starfleet Academy is building more classroom space, and in a year or so we’ll probably have to shift ourselves again–though I don’t know whether they’ve settled which departments will go where–so if this doesn’t work out somehow, there will probably be an opportunity to change it.

I’ve spent part of Saturday nailing down some summer plans–signed the Snork Maiden up for two weeks of camp, bought plane tickets for a visit to Hometown (and Pym Fan!), emailed Stubb a rough list of our comings and goings and which weeks we can visit Stubbville.  I’ve given us a couple of days around Conference Week to see friends in that area, too.  So good to have all that nice stuff and that writing time to look forward to!


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