More than somewhat

We’ve made a decision based upon my estimation–after spending three months there–that I am more than somewhat likely (as Damon Runyon would put it) to stay at Starfleet Academy for at least the next nine years.  The decision is to keep the Snork Maiden at her public elementary school for fourth grade (and almost certainly fifth) instead of sending her to an extremely nifty magnet school at which–against enormous odds–she has been offered a place.  The thing that makes this easier is probably not my infatuation with Starfleet Academy as much as it is our reluctance to have her change schools at this point.  She changed schools two years in a row when I taught at an out-of-state SLAC for a year, and though she did fine with it, we are now unwilling to move her for what will likely be just two years.  Most kids who go to this magnet will stay there through high school, and we would feel it was worth one more disruption if that meant it would probably be the last change.  But now that I’m teaching at Starfleet Academy, there’s every chance that we’ll move her over there in a couple of years…

…unless, unless, unless.  Unless it doesn’t work out.  Unless I get a job offer I can’t refuse.  (What would I do if New RU offered me an FTE there?)  Unless her academics take a nosedive.  Well, you can’t build your plans on such possibilities.  Also, it’s not as if the magnet school is our only public option for middle and high school–it’s just a very, very good one.  The other parents I’ve talked to at the Snork Maiden’s school are all “You’re turning down a place at Nifty Magnet School?”  Her current teacher, though, agrees that it would be a difficult move for the Snork Maiden and says she would urge it for the long term, but not necessarily for just two years.  The Snork Maiden is really thriving academically and socially where she is, and what’s more, I know she absolutely doesn’t want to change schools.  So there it is.  At least some other family will be thrilled to get the place–or maybe they’ll be just as conflicted as Stubb and I are? 


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