Wombat goes walkabout

Back in love with my job.  I’ve been meaning to write about how interesting it is to be able to talk about one’s students with one’s colleagues, sometimes ad nauseam, but usually just enjoyably ad libitum (and ad misericordiam, depending on the student!).  Possibly the students would faint if they knew how much we talked about them–heck, I have nearly fainted at some of the faculty-room revelations I’ve heard so far.  Seriously, though, I rather like having a teaching job where part of the avowed purpose is to help the students toward social competence, good citizenship, compassion for others, and so on, as well as academic excellence.  (Also, I admit, it’s just fun knowing other people’s business.)

So the Snork Maiden and I are heading off this weekend to see Stubb.  It’s only going to be about a 24-hour visit, but I think it will be good for all of us.  The Snork Maiden seems to have settled down after a few days of the new regime and went quite cheerfully to school with my brother-in-law this morning.  I am doing okay, too, which I attribute to getting enough sleep–I’ve made that a priority this week!  It means that the Snork Maiden and I go to bed at about the same time, then I get up early to do any remaining prep and make sure all is ready for a smoothly running morning.  So far, so good.  And the end-of-school-year countdown has definitely begun! 


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