The right stuff

Cake with the neighbors was just what the Snork Maiden and I both needed.  C.Mom brought out a bottle of champagne and we toasted C.Dad’s health.  The twice-baked cake was perfect.  We reconnected with a couple of neighbors we hadn’t seen lately, including the lovely 13-year-old up the street who will be attending one of Starfleet Academy’s peer institutions in the fall.  Her mom pleased me by telling me what a great school Starfleet Academy is and how she never hears a bad word about it and the very brightest kids from her daughter’s middle-school class are headed there in the fall.  (They wanted a Catholic school, so she didn’t apply there.) 

Now I have to get my ducks in a row–fold laundry, wash dishes, pack lunches for Monday.  I’ve got the Snork Maiden’s two morning dropoffs arranged and am closing in on a plan for the day I need a pickup.  I have to say, problems that can be solved with organization are the best kind of problems to have… 


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