The best-laid plans

Stubb left this morning.  I was awake when he left but then drifted back to sleep and had a very vivid dream in which the electrical system in my car failed and I drove it into a drainage ditch that had suddenly mysteriously appeared on a familiar street.  Then later this morning I was baking a cake and for some reason turned off the oven about halfway through the baking and didn’t realize until the timer went off and I opened the oven to find it almost cold and the cake half-baked.  (I turned the oven back on, figuring it couldn’t hurt to try, and the cake actually looks okay.)  So clearly I am a little addled, but the Snork Maiden and I are doing fine.  We are having the cake in a little while with some of our neighbors, to celebrate C.Dad’s first year of cancer survival.  Young’un C. came over and helped us frost and decorate both the first cake and a cupcake cake that I made as a backup:

 Now I’m thinking about logistics for the week ahead.  On Tuesday and Friday, I need someone–probably my brother-in-law–to take the Snork Maiden to school.  On Thursday, I need someone to pick her up–probably Stubb’s parents, unless she goes home with a friend.  Other than that, we are in pretty good shape, I think.  Starfleet Academy is still letting me come and go, in recognition of the fact that I am still employed elsewhere, so I don’t have to be there first thing in the morning unless I have a class. 

Now to reread the novel I’m teaching on Tuesday at NCC.  I have a very strong feeling that most of the students will not have gotten very far in it even though I told them ages ago that they should start early and plan to have it finished by May 1.  It’s a little demoralizing to prepare for a class in which you’re pretty sure most students will be unprepared.  (How to get around this?  Close reading, of course!)

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