How is it possible that I’m behind in every class?  I just graded a multiple classworth of papers last week and a multiple classworth of papers the week before that.  WTF?

Okay, it’s not quite so terrible.  I have a batch of papers to grade for one class and a batch of tests to grade for another.  Then, for the other four classes, it’s just brief comments on short assignments and/or quizzes.  Oh, and I have to write a makeup quiz for tomorrow.

Yes, part of the problem is that I am still teaching six classes (four at Starfleet Academy, one at NCC, one at New RU). 

The plan is: dispatch the papers this morning, then use the class time while the students are doing standardized tests to rip through the quizzes and short assignments.  During lunch I should have half an hour to prepare to teach Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” in the NCC class.  I have taught it before, so deciding on an approach shouldn’t take too long.


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