Notes from the air

On to week two of spring break, except that this week my NCC and New RU classes both meet–it’s just Starfleet Academy that’s on break.  Still, that makes a big difference.  Grading and planning have to play a bigger role this week: upon returning to SA, I’ve got to give back papers and also be ready to teach a Big Greek Epic that I’ve never actually taught before.  (And by the way, I am not sure I agree with teaching a Big Greek Epic in early high school, but obviously this is not up for discussion this year.  The SA approach is to break it up into chunks, so we’re starting two-thirds of the way through–which should be interesting.)

Also, New RU needs a syllabus now for the class I am teaching next fall.  I realize now, as I didn’t last year, that the principal reason they want the syllabus so early is that the graduate students will soon choose their courses for next fall.  So the really important part of the syllabus is the class description, and in fact I can defer the “schedule of readings and assignments” part until later.  However, I still need to write a class description that will draw students into my class despite the fact that another version of the class (same course number, different title and emphasis) is being offered by a more famous writer in the same semester. 

So, today:

  • Write New RU syllabus (or the version of it described above)
  • Grade some SA papers
  • Drop by SA to pick up copy of Big Greek Epic
  • Call SA person about next year’s contract (I think there’s a mistake on it)
  • Meet with writer friend to talk about a future project (and just for the fun of it)
  • Quick administrative task at NCC
  • Do at least some planning for tomorrow’s NCC class
  • A few brief but necessary emails

Fortunately for me, Stubb gets a breather at work this week and is around more, so he’ll be handling more of the Snork Maiden’s stuff, which makes things more flexible for me.  And of course he’s nice to have around!


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